Rosy Space King (19xx, VFD, 4 C Batteries, Model# RF-2005)

This Rosy game was recently seen for the first time in years on Ebay (Nov, 2003). No one I know has ever seen or heard of it before. It looks like it's just a Super Cobra clone, but it doesn't look anything like Rosy's other VFD games (the '3D' series). This game also seems to fill a gap in Rosy's model number sequence. RF-2001 through RF-2004 are known LED/VFD games, RC-2006 through RC-2009 are known LCD games. 2005 has been missing until now. (This also suggests that the 'F' stands for Flourescent display and the 'C' is for LCD displays? Granted, RF-2001 (Space Invaders) is LED, so that kind of throws that theory off a bit...)

Do I have this? No.

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