Rosy Casino de Vegas (19xx, Lights, 4 D Batteries, Model# ??)

This is a toy slot machine made by Rosy. It takes actual coins (anything that will fit in the slot), and pays out according to the chart on the front. The display is a rather unique display for a game- there's 4 pieces of plastic sandwiched together, and each one has a shape etched into it (Cherry, Lemon, Bell, BAR). Beneath each piece of plast is a colored light bulb, and when the bulb is light, it makes the etched pattern in the plastic light up which represents the shape you got on that spin. It's using real incandescent light bulbs (tiny ones) that are soldered into an assembly for each display. They will burn out someday, and will be very hard to replace...

Do I have this? Yes, loose.

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