Popy Electronics Handheld Games (21 listed)

Popy Electronics made several handheld games released in Japan, most of them based on a Japanese Anime series. These games also carried the Animest logo on the games and boxes. Popy was bought out by Bandai, so some of these games carry a Bandai logo and becuase of this, these games may also be considered Bandai games (some of these links are to the Bandai pages).

Battle Slugger (Ultraman)
Cross Attack (Ultraman)
Doraemon Dorayaki House
Doraemon Time Machine
Dr. Slump Arale Part I Hoyoyo Bomber
Dr. Slump Arale Part II Gatchan Kazi Kazi
Dr. Slump Arale Part III Ncha! Bycha
Dr. Slump Penguin Village Kaiju Asobo #72621
Dr. Slump Penguin Village Oha Konban Chiwa
Dr. Slump Penguin Village Wars
Isoge! Doraemon
Lupin III
Parman Dai Pinch
Quick Shot
Secret Killer
Space Cobra Professional
The Psychogun
Tondeke Parman
Ultraman Kids (Mikketekids)

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