This is for those that don't have a PSP yet, or are too lazy to change the date on their PSP :)

Here's the 12 different colors your PSP Dashboard will display during the year, changing
on the first of every month (some of these colors photograph better than others...)
(I also changed the year to 2006, and the month colors stayed the same)

01 - January (Grey)

02 - February (Yellow)

03 - March (Light Green)

04 - April (Pink)

05 - May (Dark Green)

06 - June (Blue-ish Purple (more blue at the bottom, purple at the top)

07 - July (Cyan)

08 - August (Dark Blue)

09 - September (Purple)

10 - October (Orange)

11 - November (Brown)

12 - December (Red)

There you go... As long as this doesn't change in an upcoming firmware,
these are the colors you have to look forward to in the coming months.


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