My latest mod to my PSP (okay, my first physical mod...):

Liquid Silver (chrome) Asterix faceplate from Xtreme Enterprise.

Well, here are the pictures of my PSP with the new faceplate. As I mentioned on the forum, I also removed the plastic pieces over the LEDs from my original faceplate and melted them into the new one, so the lights are just as bright as they are on a normal PSP (see bottom of page for pictures of these pieces). Here's what it looks like:

In this picture I was holding the camera and wasn't paying attention to just how well
it reflects what's in front of it... :)
Without my hands in the way:
Turned on so you can see the power light (and my Halo 2 background! :) )
Best picture I could get of the Memory Stick light while playing an MP3:
Searching for WiFi access to show the WiFi LED in action:
And finally an angled shot:


Here's the pictures of the little clear plastic parts I removed from the original PSP's faceplate. These little parts are held on by little black plastic 'domes' (these are actually just melted pieces of plastic that hold them in place). They sort of 'channel' the light from the LEDs from where they are located on the circuit board to where the holes are on the PSP faceplate (the LEDs are not directly beneath these holes). The first picture shows the large piece over the Memory Stick and WiFi LEDs. Use an Xacto knife (or something similar) and carefully cut/shave off the two black domes and the clear piece should just about fall off. You will notice on your Asterix faceplace that there are two little posts that will hold this thing in place (sort of). It's best to either carefully glue it in place, or use a soldering iron and melt the little post into the clear piece (pretty much what Sony did originally).

And here's the other one, over the Power LED. Much smaller (and a little harder to deal with), but the principle is the same. It doesn't sit very well on the Asterix faceplate on it's own, so you have to hold it with something if you are going to use the soldering iron method to melt it in place.

I'm not necessarily recommending anyone else attempt this (these parts break easily, and you could probably melt a hole through your faceplate pretty easily), I'm just showing you what I did... Next step: BLUE LEDS!!!

Also, your work will be visible with the transparent faceplates, so keep that in mind if you are sloppy with glue or soldering irons. :)


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