Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr. (1983, LCD, 2 C Batteries, Model# CJ-71)
U. S. Design Patent # D280,834 (patent on the look of the game housing)

Nintendo's Donkey Kong Jr (foreign release only), loosely based on the arcade game of the same name. This is the same game that Coleco used in the U.S. for DK Jr. but their's was red, and had more (and nicer) stickers on the game. LCD based game, must be played in a lighted room or outside. The LCD is mounted in the top of the game and reflects onto the mirror. Light must pass through the transparent roof of the game to be visible. Color is simulated with a colored plasted film placed over the LCD. Check out the Guts section to see the inside of this game!

Do I have this? Yes, loose. (This is mine pictured).

Coleco's version:

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