Solfan I Ching Decision Science Computer (1977, LED, 9Volt Battery, Model# ??)

I Ching is sort of a Japanese form of Tarot cards. In this version, you think of (or ask) a question, press the buttons on the device and the 3 LEDs will light up in a certain pattern. Based on that pattern you can determine if you should proceed or not. An interesting note about this device is that it was made in 1977 (by Solfan, a company based in Mountain View, CA), and it contains 2-color LEDs. Thinking back through my LED history, 2-color ones had to be fairly expensive back in 1977 (now that I think about it, I think ANY LED other than red were probably not cheap). So, upon asking your question each LED has the option of being off, green, red, flashing green or flashing red. The manual includes a chart and guides on how to interpret the lights.

Comes in this nifty, bright orange closeable case. (Second pic shows one LED red, and one green):

Do I have this? Yes, boxed (new).

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