Ritam Monty Plays Scrabble (1983, LCD, 4 C Batteries, Model# 66)
CPU: Z-80 Microprocessor
Extra downloads: ROM images of Monty Main System ROM (27128 EPROM)
Expansion Module #1 / Expansion Module #2 (Both 27128 EPROMS)

Scrabble computer that allows you play a game of Scrabble by yourself (or you can play with up to 3 players). Has a built-in 12,000 vocabulary, expandable to 44,000 by way of 2 expansion modules each containing 16,000 more obscure words. You can use the included 'score cards' (which look like little Scrabble boards), or you can use a real Scrabble board and tiles to play. The ROM images of the System ROM and both expansion modules are available above for download. You can burn them to the appropriate EPROM and install them in your game (but you still need the plastic adapter for the expansion modules unless you want to replace the sockets with normal chip sockets or solder the EPROMs directly to the main board). The links go directly to the binary files, so you might have to do a right-click/save-as. (Also note, Monty apparently originally came with a little pen, which you can see in the first picture.)

This game was later upgraded by Ritam to Master Monty which had 24,000 words built-in (expandable to a total of 56,000 with the same 2 expansion modules). I've seen two variations on Master Monty: one looks exactly the same as the picture, but the electronics on the inside have been upgraded, and the later version that is blue and says Master Monty at the top. Both of these versions are hand-upgraded by adding chips and wires to the inside of the game (this is why I've included circuit board pictures here so you can see the difference).

Here's the battery compartment with both expansion modules installed:

Here are two images of the circuit board of this game. The five large chips/sockets are:
Z80 CPU / 2K Static RAM / Main System ROM / ROM socket #1 & #2 for expansion modules.
The Main System ROM for Monty is a manufactured ROM compatible with 27128 EPROMs.

Do I have this? Yes, boxed.

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