Ramtex Alien Invaders (19??, LED, 4 AA Batteries, Model# ?)

This is Alien Invaders by Ramtex. I have seen this game (and it's sequel Space Invaders / Block Buster) sold under many different names (Shira, Sinitron, Romtec, Ramtex themselves...), but it always seems to be called Alien Invaders. The only differences on the games from different companies is the first silver sticker on the top (notice on the box that area is blank) (although the Romtec version linked above is in a different colored case). Ramtex is the manufacturer, their name can be found imprinted on the circuit board inside the game. Interesting design, batteries load in the front and it has a little plastic stand that slides out on the bottom so the machine will stay balanced at an angle. It's kind of awkward to play (I think), the buttons aren't really laid out well. The box is kind of neat though, it's actually cut kind of at an angle:

Do I have this? Yes, boxed (and Shira version boxed).

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