APF Mathemagician (19??, LED, 4 C Batteries, Model# ?)

Interesting educational game. By itself, just a math learning tool, but it has 6 different overlays that convert it into one of several games. I only have the overlays for Games 2, 5 and 6, but the six games are: Number Machine, Countin' On (Game 2), Walk the Plank, Gooey Gumdrop, Football (Game 5), and Lunar Lander (Game 6). Lunar Lander is just like the arcade game with no graphics, you have a number representing your fuel, descent speed, and distance from the ground. You have to carefully use your fuel to counteract gravity to make a safe landing. Haven't really tried the others.

Do I have this? Yes, loose (and 3 of the 6 overlays) (Boxed, complete one wanted).

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