Mattel's Classic Football 2 (2002, LCD, 2 AA Batteries, Model# 43567)

Mattel has done it again! This time they've re-released Football 2. Excellent gameplay, compares very well to the original, but it is plagued by the same cheesy red-backlit LCD screen (see Classic Football for a more detailed description and picture of the LCD screen), and is also pacakged with 2 AA batteries included (see paragraph below for why that's a problem). Just like the original 1978 game, this game also features the Pro 3 and Pro 4 'Easter Egg.' If you hold down the 'Pass' button while turning on the game, you effectively get Pro 3 or Pro 4 difficulty settings for the game play (i.e., if you have the switch on Pro 1, holding down the pass will give you Pro 3, etc. Pro 4 is VERY fast and difficult to play.)

Collector warning: This game is packaged with 2 AA batteries installed. Even if always left turned off, these will most likely begin to corrode and destroy the inside of the game after a few years (or possibly a lot sooner). You are left with the dilemma of deciding to keep it mint-in-package and hope it never goes bad, or trying to open it as cleanly as possible to remove the batteries. Mattel obviously wasn't thinking of collectors when they packaged this. Also note that the manual is packaged directly behind the game, so you can't just cut a hole big enough for the batteries, you have to at least make a slit the width of the game to get the manual out of the way...

Do I have this? Yes, new.

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