Mattel's Armor Battle (1978, LED, 9 Volt, Model# 2938)
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There is a case variation on this game (like Sub Chase), one version (pictured) has 3 screws holding it together, the other version has 5 screws. I'm not sure which version is the earlier of the two. I've also noticed that on the 3 screw version, the screws are standard Torx screws, not the stupid triangle ones normally seen on Mattle games (it's possible the screws were changed before I got the game, but why would you replace them with Torx? I think it was made this way). Also, on the 5 screw version, your tanks actually look like little tanks, but on the 3 screw version, the little film is not on top of the lights, so they just look like little blips (this is how they look on the box as well). The little tank images are always facing the same direction (obviously), so maybe this is why they opted to remove the film with the tanks on it.

Do I have this? Yes, boxed, complete. (And one loose on display at the Goodwill Computerworks Museum in Austin, TX)

German version in box:

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