Epoch Game Center 80's Stage 1 (March-2004, LCD, Watch Batteries, Product Code: 4905040706850)

This is a neat little series of games that Epoch recently released in Japan (and they've released 3 different sets, or 'Stages' so far, one about every 3 months or so). These are part of a Japanese phenomenon called 'Capsule Toys'. Each toy (in this case, each game) is sealed in an identical box so you can't tell what game you are getting, the object being to collect and trade them to get all six (sort of like trading cards). The six games in this series are: Baseball, Basketball, Grand Prix, Shooting, Soccer, and Snowboard. If you can read Japanese, you can visit Epoch's website HERE and check out all the Capsule Toys that they make.

Here's a picture of all 6 of them in my hand (show's how small they are):

Do I have this? Yes, complete set.

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