Entex Table Top Game Machine (1981, LED, 4 C Batteries, Model# 6045) (Never produced)

This was going to be the sequel to the Select-a-Game machine: The Table Top Game Machine. I believe this game is pretty much just the Select-a-Game machine with a huge LED display (the game itself was enormous for a 'handheld' or even a tabletop: the dimensions of the display were 7" x 11" (yes, that's 7 _inches_ by 11 _inches_). That's almost a foot long, the display alone would have been bigger than most handheld games... Development was started, and one prototype was produced to display at Toy Fair (see image below), but it never went any further. You can see from the page out of the 1981 Toy Fair catalog that they were planning on releasing almost the exact same games that were available for the Select-a-Game: Basketball 3, Baseball 4, Pinball and Football 4 (although new games were planned like Labyrinth, Demolition Derby, Battelfield, Galaxian 2 and Bumper Pool).

The one prototype on display at Toy Fair:

Do I have this? No.

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