Entex M-A-C Mini Computer (19xx, LED/VFD, 4 C batteries, Model# 6019)
MAC = Multi-functional Advanced Computer

Entex's 4K micro-computer and 4 function, 8-digit calculator. Came with many pre-programmed games, and even allowed you to program some of your own. From a conversation Jeff (of Adventurevision.com) had with an exec from Entex: "MAC was a computor for children introduced before MS DOS. Entex made the first MSDOS computor called Envision before IBM but had to remove it from the market as the gurus predicted PC's had no future. This would have been true if the phone co's had been on the ball with an advanced web. and the ability to cope with the demand, which is not yet the case. This is a very long story. We tried to create a Lan. in 1972 but the phone lines could not handle the transmission in many states." It was also used to teach 8048/49 machine language. It uses magnetic cards to store data, and each card is readable/writable. A display key is used to read the output; its output can either be depicted by an overlay or displayed in byte-word binary. It can display numbers and letters and has musical output. (Note- I don't believe the MAC can read/write to magnetic cards, I think that was referring to the Envision- Rik.)

A German company called Quelle released this as Spiel Computer ('Game Computer').

Do I have this? No, I have the Quelle version loose.

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