Entex Do As I Say (1981, LED, 4 D Batteries, Model# 6027) (Prototype, never produced)
Concept by Tony Clowes

Mike Rounds came to Entex with a background in speech synthesis technology, and Entex wanted to make a talking game. So, Tony came up with the idea for Do As I Say, which is basically a talking Simon game. The game was built using National Semiconductor Digi-Talker technology, and the voice was recorded by Bob Ridgley (a well-known voice-over actor). The fun part was that the game was kind of insulting saying things like 'Hey, anybody out there?', 'What's the matter, don't you know your color?', etc. Entex spent $244,000 building 2 working prototypes (one can be seen below at Toy Fair), and that was the last time the game was ever seen. (Apparently people didn't like the idea of games that insulted them... Boy, talk about being ahead of it's time... :) )

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