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Please check the VERY frequently asked questions below before sending me Email!: (DO send me any information/pictures about games not listed in the Museum or that have incorrect/incomplete information. Also, if you had ANYTHING to do with the design/programming of any electronic game in the 70's or 80's, feel free to share stories! :) )

1- Will you sell me xxx game? - No. As I no longer actively collect games, and I have sold my collection to the National Videogame Museum, I don't actually have any of these games anymore. I do occasionaly come across them and sell them on eBay under Rik1138.

2- Where can I get xxx game? - The best place to look for any game you want is Ebay (www.ebay.com). Many of the more desirable games (like the Mattel sports games or the Coleco arcade series) can be found on Ebay at any given time, or within a week. The next easiest thing to check are some of the websites in my Links section. These sites are run by other vintage game collectors, and many of them have a forsale section with quite a few nice games. (Check in particular Electronic Plastic, Game and Web, Handheld Free and RetroGames. These collectors frequently have a large selection of games forsale.) Still can't find it? Have patience, there are still games that I have not been able to find after several years of looking...

3- Where did you get all of your games? - See answer to #2.

4- Do you want to buy xxx game from me? - No. I am no longer actively collecting games. The only thing I can recommend is to list them on eBay.

5- How can I fix my game? - I will be adding a repair section soon, see also the FAQ from the main page, it has a small section on frequent problems... If you have a broken game, feel free to send me an Email about it, I may be able to give specific advice. In general though, if the game is really broken (more than just a bad contact), 99% of the time it will be easier (and cheaper) to just buy another off Ebay, etc. One note about opening games, don't ever try to force them open. I have yet to find a game that doesn't basically just fall apart after ALL the screws are removed (key word- ALL, they love to hide screws in places you'd never think of...) (And a few games are kind of snapped together, and if you aren't very careful, you will easily break these snaps.)

6- I have xxx game, can you tell me what it's worth? - No. There are so many factors to consider (condition of the game, do you have battery cover, box, instructions, packing inserts, etc) that it would be hard to determine a 'value.' The best way to get an idea of what a game is worth is to search the completed auction section of eBay.com. There you can find out what your game has been selling for, and you can look at the condition of the games sold to find one that matches yours. eBay is not the final word on the value of a game, but if you asked me to make a guess for you, this is what I would do.

Have other questions/comments/suggestions/ideas/rants? Send me an Email!