Prototype Coleco games:

This is a picture of the early prototype of Donkey Kong Jr. Coleco was going to go with the same design as Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Galaxian, Frogger and Donkey Kong- making it look like a little arcade game with a VFD type display. Somewhere after photos of this prototype were sent to companies for catalogues and such, they changed the design and decided to go with the Nintendo Game & Watch LCD version (changing the color and putting the Coleco name on it). To my knowledge, the tan Nintendo G&W Donkey Kong Jr. was only released overseas (see the Nintendo section for a picture of it.) (If anyone can actually locate this (or any) prototype, PLEASE Email me! I'd love to prove it's existence.)

Omega Race and Berzerk were planned for release in 1982, and were shown in the 1982 Coleco Toy Fair catalog, but never released. (Again, if anyone can locate these prototypes, please Email me, I'd love to just know where they are!)

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